We are sad we can't serve you..

Until further Clynex is no longer open to the public. We want to provide you the best services, and we cannot do that without taking a short break. We will reopen in 3-4 months time bigger and better then ever. Until then keep an eye on this page.

As of February 2020, Clynex Solution LTD was dissolved as an acquisation of the company took place. After this the host continued to offer services until the end of March, when officially we have closed. Since the start of April, we have been working hard solving customers requests and we are now officially closing until late July/August. The reason for this is because, we would like to make some changes to how we operate, including introduction to our own custom control panel, new dedicated machines running the latest hardware and training our support teams so they can answer your questions in a faster manner. We understand Clynex support was never the best, however we have listened to the community and will now make serious changes to improve. Don't worry Clynex isn't going for good. We have enough funding and have made tremendous amounts of profits to continue for several years to come. We wish to see you then.

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